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Authenticating Users

For developers who plan to integrate their applications with OpenX, this topic explains the basics of using the OpenX Platform API which is a JSON-based REST API. Authenticating users involves the following steps:

  1. Request an unauthorized request token.
  2. Authorize the user.
  3. Request an access token.
  4. Use the access token to access protected resources.

You can complete user authentication using one of two methods:

If you need support, see Support.

Making Requests

When making an API request, you must follow standard HTTP API request structure. This ensures the request is properly formatted as follows:

method base_URI/resource/identifier?parameter&parameter
methodHTTP method. For example, GET.
base_URIOpenX server name or admin hostname. This is the same URI used to log into the OpenX UI.
For example,
resourceAPI object or service. For example, report.
identifierUID, ID, or request for specific values. For example, run.

Note: An identifier is not required for all objects or services. Refer to the specific object or service for more information.
parameterSpecific additional request information. The first parameter must begin with a question mark (?). Each subsequent parameter must begin with an ampersand (&).
For example, ?report=inv_perf_pub&start_date= 0

The OpenX Platform API returns standard JSON responses to all standard HTTP API requests.